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What they're saying
Last year we released an announcement video, that you can watch here and these were some of the reactions...
Who we are
Most of us met on Twitch, working as volunteers from chat. Now most of us live together working full-time.
Jamie Pine
Co-Founder, CEO, Full-Stack Engineer & Design
Vancouver, CA
Dustin Rouillard
Co-Founder, CTO & System Administrator
Vancouver, CA
Matteo Martellini
Co-Founder & Back-End Lead
Vancouver, CA
Jack Douglas
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Vancouver, CA
Timothy Cole
Senior Software Engineer
Vancouver, CA
Twan Luttik
Front-End Engineer
Vancouver, CA
Benjamin Akar
Front-end Lead, Designer & Engineer
Oslo, Norway
Haden Fletcher
Front-End Engineer
Kansas City, US
João Felipe
Mobile Engineer
Come to Brazil
Elijah Pysyk
Content Lead & Video Editor
Vancouver, CA
Luka Gallant
Content & Social
Vancouver, CA
What is it again?
Notify is a platform that allows you to subscribe directly to content creators, their notifications open content on its native platform via deeplink. Featuring a clean interface to manage your subscriptions, control what notifications you receive and tools to assist in publishing and promoting content from all platforms.
We also have a secret feature list, you'll hear all about it once we launch. 🤐
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